After 5 years of complete anonymity, Apple has decided to officially remove its Music Memos application from the store

Have you ever used or heard of the Music Memos application ? No right? It was an app made by Apple and available in the App Store that allowed musicians and songwriters to capture ideas for their next creations on the fly.

The app was unsuccessful and Apple decided to remove it from the App Store. It is therefore no longer accessible neither from the search nor from a direct link but those who downloaded it in the past can still do it directly from the App Store purchase history.

Apple’s decision had already been announced in December, when the company suggested exporting the recordings to the voice memo library so as not to lose them. The app launched in January 2016 was able to analyze the rhythm and chords of acoustic guitar and piano recordings to instantly add drums and a bass line instantly forming a customizable virtual backing band to bring to life to a song.

If you are one of the few to use this app, you still have time to move everything into the iPhone’s voice notes.

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