Apple is making its own face masks for retail employees called “Apple Face Mask” and “Apple ClearMask”.

As reported by Bloomberg , the Apple design team have created two types of protective masks to be distributed to employees of the company.

The two masks are called Apple Face Mask and Apple ClearMask and were developed in-house in Cupertino by engineering and industrial design teams. 

The Apple Face Mask features a three-layer design that filters particles in and out like many cloth masks and can be washed and reused up to five times . The mask has a design with a triangular shape to accommodate the nose without fogging the glasses, a rounded section for the chin and adjustable ropes for the ears.

ClearMask is the first FDA approved surgical mask that is completely transparent. Show the entire face so that deaf and hard of hearing people can understand what the wearer is saying.

Apple told  Bloomberg that it  has conducted careful research and various types of tests to find appropriate materials to filter the air without disrupting supplies of medical personal protective equipment.

Apple employees will begin receiving face masks over the next two weeks. The iPhone maker also supplies basic surgical masks to customers who visit its stores.

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