A complete and profound redesign of the site dedicated to managing your Apple ID is online

Apple has completely redesigned its website dedicated to managing Apple ID.

The look is much more modern and cleaner than in the past. At the top we find the Apple logo with many colored dots that are reminiscent of the graphics of the Apple Card followed by the words “One account for all Apple services”.

After logging in, we will get something much simpler, consisting of a side menu and a central part.

Visiting the new site could be the right opportunity to change your Apple ID, or the email address associated with your Apple account as well as the one you use in the App Store to download applications; you can change the security settings by activating two-factor authentication, you can check the associated telephone number, useful in case of loss of the access password and more.

Within the Devices section, you will find all the Apple products associated with your Apple ID and maybe you could clean up here too by eliminating devices that you no longer use or that you have passed to some other family member.

Visit the new Apple ID site by clicking here.

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