Apple launched the first event to promote Apple Pay in the United States. This time will cover only an area of ​​San Francisco with discounts on purchases made June 23 to 25, but the event is likely to be repeated in other areas.

To promote Apple Pay was organized an event in San Francisco called Lose your Wallet (forget the wallet). From June 23 to 25, 20 stores in the Hayes Valley neighborhood and 16 shops in the Marina, will offer exclusive discounts and offers to all those people who will pay with Apple Pay.

The discount will fluctuate 10-25% of all purchases, regardless of cost. The parking lots will cost 50% less and Caviar (which deals with home food delivery) will save $ 5 per order.

The best way to promote Apple Pay is this: to lead people to try it for the first time, encouraging them with discounts. It will be up to them then figure out how fast pay this way and it might be useful.

Apple has created a page on the official website with all the details on shops and discounts that you can get. Everything indicates that this type of event will be repeated over time.

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