Apparently Apple is preparing a new Touch ID integrated under-display fingerprint sensor, which will be implemented ” already on its iPhone 2020 ” next fall, according to a Bloomberg report.

The report states that it would be an addition to the Face ID authentication system, allowing users to authenticate themselves with fingerprints or facial biometrics.

The publication states that the functionality could, however, slip to 2021. This echoes a recent report by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who claimed that Apple will launch an iPhone with Touch ID and Face ID in 2021.

Apple has already worked with suppliers and prepared working prototypes, but it is not yet clear if it can produce the technology on a large scale, at least in time for next-generation phones.

Offering both Touch ID and Face ID would increase the convenience and speed of unlocking the iPhone. A user registers his fingerprints and facial signature and, once the recognition has been successful, the phone can unlock. This means that Touch ID can compensate for weak points in Face ID and vice versa.

For example, Face ID does not work when the user is wearing some types of sunglasses or ski goggles. These users could simply unlock their device via Touch ID. Users with skin conditions such as psoriasis will not be able to use fingerprint breakouts and can, therefore, rely on the Face ID system.

Bloomberg also confirms a Nikkei report, according to which Apple will launch a new low-cost iPhone SE model in the spring of 2020. The iPhone SE 2 should have a revised iPhone 8 design and a Home button with Touch ID.

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