As a veteran iPhone’er and a Jailbreaker, the questions i get asked most of the time; What is JailBreaking? Is it so necessary? What are the benefits? Doesn’t it void your warranty? Does Apple support it? and a whole lot others…

Well, Jailbreaking do void your warranty but by a simple iDevice iOS restore, you reinstate your warranty and Jailbreaking isn’t done by Apple neither do they support it. As for benefits of jailbreaking, the possibilities are endless, for example when you jailbreak your iDevice, you’ll be able to download music and other files directly unto your iDevice with Safari and other third party browsers, you’ll be able to download and set ringtones directly on your iDevice without using a PC/MAC, with a jailbroken iOS iDevice and some known Cydia tweaks and extensions, you can even send,receive and save music in WhatsApp, send, receive and save files via Bluetooth directly to and from your iDevice with  which under normal circumstances, a stock iOS Device (Not Jailbroken) won’t be able to do that, these are just some few of the endless possibilities of jailbreaking.

Apple iOS is designed in such a way, users are only allowed to download apps and other entertainment content (Music,Movies,TV Shows) from the Apple App Store and iTunes Store only. Apple prevents users from installing Apps on their iDevices that don’t come from the App Store as Apps goes through various strict scrutinies before it gets approved for the App Store. Somehow,these restrictions simplifies the whole iOS experience,secures the Operating system (iOS) and ensure iDevices runs smoothly, with fewer errors and crashes. Apple tightly controls its iOS iDevices, these restrictions are wide-ranging including limiting users root access to the iOS file system and manager, inability to customize the look and feel of their iOS iDevices.

Jailbreaking liberates the iOS iDevice (iPhone,iPad,iPod) from the various restrictions Apple places on them. Jailbreaking your iDevice, you’re able to bypass these restrictions and gives you the ability to customize and tweak your iDevice (iPhone,iPad,iPod) further with Cydia, the backbone of iOS Jailbreak, its the unofficial third party apps,tweaks and extensions installer.

Jailbreaking your iDevice(iPhone,iPad,iPod) has never been simpler with the latest release of evasi0n7, With the latest jailbreak tool Evasi0n7, Its as simple as just a single click on a button and in less than 8mins, your iDevice is fully jailbroken. Every jailbroken iDevice has Cydia on it, It gets installed in the process of Jailbreaking,Cydia is the Apple App Store rival, It has all the tweaks,extensions and 3rd-party apps that Apple wouldn’t approve in their Appstore.

Thanks to Sauriks latest Cydia application, you won’t have to waste time restoring iOS and re-jailbreaking like it used to be when an app or extension from Cydia is causing compatibility issues,crashes and you get stuck in recovery mode or boot loop, you just have to force your iDevice into recovery mode by pressing and holding the volume up(+) key on your iDevice while its booting, then uninstalling the offending tweak or extension, then reboot and your iDevice is back to normal.

These are some of my favorite jailbroken tweaks,apps and extensions: Activator,AirBlue Sharing, Action Menu, Audio Recorder, ExKey, VideoPane. In my opinion, am looking forward to the day apple takes some of these tweaks and apps into consideration and integrate them into the stock iOS.

Some downside of Jailbreaking::

With a jailbroken iDevice,the only way to wipe it clean is to restore to the latest iOS available, as when you try resetting it via “Settings> General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings”  you’ll be stuck at the apple logo and spinning wheel.

With a jailbroken  iDevice, you can’t do incremental iOS OTA (Over the-air) updates via “Settings > General > Software Update”  you will have to do a clean restore of the latest iOS you are trying to update to and re-jailbreak, You’ll have to jailbreak after each iOS Update.

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