Apple takes on leakers hard-nosed, sending them a letter stating that no more leaks will be allowed on products not yet released. They will all be sued facing very expensive lawsuits that are destined to lose anyway

In recent years we have gotten used to knowing new Apple products in advance, thus losing the “wow” effect during the presentation.

The most recent iPhones, as well as AirTags, Beats Studio Buds headphones and so on, were unveiled in advance, also showing the final design months before Apple’s launch.

All of this may soon end . Apple has been fighting against leaks for some time and has always tried to apply solutions upstream, increasing safety in factories for example.

Lately, however, the company is trying to move in new directions and the latest gimmick is really “strong”. Apple has decided to “take the situation head on” by directly addressing the leakers.

Two of these leakers, Kang and Duan Rui, have made it known that they have received a letter from Apple inviting them to keep information on the company’s future products confidential, otherwise legal actions will be launched against these people.

No one can disclose information on products not yet released because the latter could mislead customers and give an advantage to the competition. Two reasons that if brought to court would still give Apple reason as they are industrial secrets that are subject to be protected with different rules.

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