The Cupertino giant has published an interesting patent regarding a case and/or dock for the iPhone, which allows the device to change the user interface to dedicate itself to the accessory.

Apple has issued a patent on iPhone cases and/or docks that support near-field wireless communication systems.

According to Patently Apple, this accessory would significantly alter the iPhone’s operation and user interface (UI).

For example, when placed in a sports-focused protective case, the iPhone could automatically replace its GUI with a sports-focused one. Another example shows that when the iPhone is placed on a speaker dock, it could change its user interface with a series of audio playback controls.

When the iPhone enters one of these cases or docks, it will change its UI to focus on the accessory. This new graphical interface will be even more straightforward than the standard iPhone interface.

The following image shows a camera case that provides a camera-focused user interface and another for games where there is an additional button for games.

What do you think of this patent?

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