Apple has decided to revolutionize the world of music with a new audio speaker. It’s called HomePod and that’s all we know about this new Apple product.

Apple today announced HomePod, a revolutionary wireless speaker for the home: in addition to offering an exceptional audio quality , uses spatial perception to understand where the room is located and adjust the audio. Designed to work with Apple Music subscription and provide access to over 40 million songs, HomePod can recognize the tastes and personal preferences of the users and helps them discover new music. HomePod has a large woofer designed by Apple to lower sharp and deep, a custom set of seven beam forming tweeter for exceptional high frequency sound and an incredible directional control and powerful integrated technologies to preserve the purity and variety of the original recordings. HomePod will initially be available in Australia, the UK and the US starting in December.

“Apple has reinvented the portable music with the iPod and now with HomePod reinvent the way we listen to music wirelessly in our homes,” said Philip Schiller, senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing at Apple. “HomePod offers a powerful diffusion technology, all the intelligence of Siri and the ability to wirelessly access the entire library of Apple Music in beautiful high speaker less than 18 cm, ready to help people from every corner of the house and flood every room with an audio distortion-free. “

HomePod is designed for voice control with six microphones that allow users to interact with the device on the other side of the room, even with loud music. Just say “Hey Siri, I like this song” to transform HomePod and Apple Music in perfect musical experts: learn the user’s preferences from hundreds of genres and tens of thousands of playlists and then share the tastes of all devices. Siri can also manage advanced research in the library: you can just ask “Hey Siri, who is the drummer of this song?” Or create a ‘Up Next’ tail shared with other users in the home. HomePod, Apple Siri Music and offer the best musical experience between the four walls, streamed without advertising directly HomePod.

As a personal assistant, HomePod is able to send messages, receive updates on news, sports and weather, or control the home automation accessories : simply ask Siri to turn on the lights, close the curtains or turn on a scene. And when you are not at home, HomePod becomes a perfect hub: it offers remote access and automated home automation through the House app on iPhone and iPad.

Sound Innovation and advanced technologies

High less than 18 cm , is HomePod years of hardware and software innovation:

  • the woofer facing upwards designed by Apple, in combination with the A8 chip to measure, allows to manage the bass through the modeling software in real time, which ensures low sharper and deeper possible, with minimal distortion;
  • the set of seven custom beamforming tweeter, each equipped with amplifier, ensures a fluid seal and perfectly balanced, in addition to a precise directional control of a multitude of shapes and sizes of the beam;
  • the A8 chip designed by Apple is the mastermind behind the advanced audio innovations of this device;
  • the auto-sensing technology of the room allows HomePod to quickly understand what is in the room; whether it’s a corner, a table or shelf, it fits in seconds to always deliver an engaging and immersive audio;
  • The series of six microphones with echo cancellation Automatic allows Siri to hear the questions of the user, who is next to the device or from across the room, even with loud music;
  • the Siri waveform appears at the top indicating that the personal assistant is active, while the integrated touch controls also facilitate navigation;
  • detection and automatic balancing of two speakers allows you to make direct and reflected sound to ensure an extraordinary audio and wireless experience even more immersive audio;

Setup is incredibly intuitive, just like for AirPods earphones just keep an iPhone near HomePod and within seconds the device will be ready to play the user’s music.

Security and privacy are key aspects in the design of hardware, software and Apple devices. With HomePod, only after “Hey Siri” will be recognized locally on the device, the information will be sent to Apple’s servers, and encrypted using an anonymous identifier Siri.

Pricing and Availability

HomePod will initially be available in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States as of December, in white and gray sidereal, at a price of $ 349 (US). * HomePod is compatible with iPhone 5s and later models with iOS 11 installed.

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