Apple shares new videos from the “Relax, it’s iPhone” series.

Apple has shared new commercials dedicated to the iPhone 13 in which it highlights key features such as battery life and the durable Ceramic Shield display.

In the first commercial, titled “Doin ‘Laps”, a child puts his ‌iPhone 13‌ on his bicycle and then wanders around the neighborhood capturing a long video. At the end of its five-hour journey, the iPhone is still recording and the battery hasn’t run out yet.

“What will you do with even longer battery life? Relax, it’s ‌iPhone‌ ”, reads the video description

In the second commercial, titled “Run Baby Run”, a child plays with an ‌iPhone 13 by dropping it on the floor, hitting it on various objects and dropping it into the sink. The “iPhone” remains intact and the video ends with the slogan “Child resistant. Relax, it’s ‌iPhone‌ ”.

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