Peter and some folks went to a club on the 9th of April 2022 in Osu, a suburb of the capital town of Ghana, Accra. His two iPhones were picked from their table. He reported the case to the bouncers, waitress and the DJ for announcements and later presented it to the club manager. Peter quickly went back home and placed the two phones in lost mode displaying an emergency number to be called when found. He reported to the Osu police that same day for a police extract hoping the telecom providers could help him trace the sim since the thief had kept the line open on another phone. A couple of days later He went back to the club with a team to review the CCTV footage with hopes of getting clues.

However, to their surprise, the CCTV camera had been reset to erase all old videos including what happened on April 9th. 

Peter started tracking His two iPhones from his Windows notebook using the “Find my iPhone” feature. A few hours after losing the phone, the tracking discovered the iPhones in the most notorious locations known for dealing with stolen devices, popularly called Tip-Toe Lane ( Circle around Kokomlemle). He lost hope but kept on tracking the iPhones.

His determination to reclaim the devices was unwavering. On April 22, he took an iPhone 6s and went to the latest spot where he believed the iPhones were. He found someone who was willing to help him trace to the physical locations indicated on the map and even put the word out to the very few people known for having the ability to unlock such devices. 

Sensing danger, the “thief” who had somehow heard of the sudden tracking and search for a missing iPhone 12pro max and iPhone 11 in the area, fled his shop and went further to hide the two phones in an abandoned structure. Unfortunately for him, the spot was a site for new construction that was scheduled for the same day. So when he planted it and left to return later to harvest it. They had cast concrete on it the piece of land. With the help of his iPhone 6s, Apple’s “find my networks” impressively helped him find the exact location in which the devices were hidden. The owner of the construction site agreed for them to dig to see if the Phones were hidden there for a fee. As they kept on digging, they spotted the iPhone 12 Pro Max and later on, the iPhone 11, all buried in the cast concrete.

Apple’s Find My iphone helps Ghanaian locate two stolen iphones buried in concrete,

This is how Apple’s “Find My Networks” works.

Devices on the Find My network can detect Bluetooth signals from other compatible Apple devices whenever they’re within Bluetooth range (roughly

15 meters). Apple then relays these signals through its system to send the missing device’s location to its owner.

With such functionality, the iPhone 12 Pro Max was able to be tracked even though the phone was off and there was no sim card because of the advanced technology Apple has built into such devices.

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