With the advent of major giants like Amazon and eBay, are more and more users who decide to outsource their e-commerce purchases. If you know where to turn, in fact, given the savings from these portals is undeniable and can only be compared to the classic flyer offered by large retail chains mostly in limited pieces. Who just happened to wait for a huge row before the opening of a store to grab a particularly obvious? Apple also offers these services and, from the latest analyzes, it seems really knows his stuff in terms of e-commerce.

According to a study done by STELLAService, Apple Store online is the best online store with regard to the reliability and efficiency of shipments, and is the advantage compared to other e-commerce such as Amazon, Zappos and Nike.


The parameters used by Stella Service to draw up the ranking is based on speed of delivery, loyalty estimated on the date of arrival but also the quality and consistency of used packaging.

Some interesting facts emerge from the rankings: Following Apple are mostly clothing companies such as American Eagle Outfitters, Gap and H &M; UnderArmourbut more importantly, at least in the Top 25, you can not see the apparition of technology companies.

The list was obtained on the basis of data for the month of June, but you have to remember that the Californian company does not enjoy the same merit as a customer service telephone services, a category in which he can definitely climb the rankings.

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