If as a worldwide spread, due to the fragmentation in various devices, Samsung and Android devices in general can be defined as the largest in terms of numbers, when it comes to making money
with smartphones is Apple to reign supreme. The last report led afloat
by Canaccord markedly emphasizes the distance between Cupertino and Korean rival par excellence, Samsung.
Despite Apple holds around 17.2% of the market, in terms of profits the Cupertino company reaches impressive 91% share.

mobile device


A fact still more astounding especially when compared to the company next, Samsung immediately, and with 23.9% of total sales reached only 14% in terms of profits.



The growing success of the Apple devices to damage than Samsung is also tangible that Samsung worse than last year its performance: in 2014, in fact, had 25% of the profits while Apple had already conquered a decent 79%.

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