Once again, the Cupertino company has managed to impose itself on other multinational competitors, recorded the significant achievements in the smartphone market. With a market share of only 14.6%, Apple has managed to collect 79.2% of the profits.

According to data reported by  The Korea Herald,  Apple has once again earned the most profits, coming from the smartphone market. Samsung, the eternal rival of Cupertino, is still very far, despite having a slightly higher market share (20.8% against 14.6%). The numbers are clear: Apple dominates with 79.2% of the profits, amounting to 44.9 billion dollars while Samsung is still very much with $ 8.3 billion. Altogether in 2016 the smartphone market generated total profits amounted to 53.7 billion dollars. The figure obtained from Apple is so remarkable.

Looking back, the situation has changed slightly. Apple in 2014 earned 90% of global profits from the smartphone market, while in 2015 even 92% with a market share of 20%. In 2016 the situation changed radically, with a decline of about 10%. Despite this the primacy in revenue remains the company’s Cupertino, who knew how to fight the spread of Android devices, especially in the Asian market.

Via | AppleInsider

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