According to a new investor note, the company could ship up to 250 million units over the next year.

Supply chain checks conducted by investment bank Wedbush suggest that the current demand trajectory of the iPhone 12 s family also outperforms its previous bullish forecast .

In a note to investors, analyst Daniel Ives says Apple hasn’t had a “bullish launch trend like this in many years.” Ives notes that a similar growth trajectory was recorded in 2014 with the iPhone 6 .

Based on the most recent audits, Ives says the supply chain expects to produce up to 95 million iPhones during the final quarter of the year. This is about a 35% increase from Wedbush and Wall Street’s initial forecasts.

If this growth remains stable, the analyst predicts that the company will ship around 250 million iPhones in 2021 , a “staggering figure” that would easily outperform the previous record of 231 million units sold in 2015.

The analyst says the iPhone 12 super cycle will continue to be a major positive for AAPL stock in the coming months.

Finally, the analyst says 2021 iPhone models could have double the storage capacity  and that there is “a high probability” that all models released in 2021 will be equipped with the LiDAR Scanner.

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