According to sources close to Apple, the California company would be thinking of using the new system fonts developed by Apple Watch to update the look of the iPhone, iPad and Mac on which you can install iPhone OS 9 and OS X 10.11 . The new font San Francisco would then replace Helvetica Neue.

Font San Francisco has made ​​its appearance on Apple Watch , which was announced in September 2014 and released on the market last month. Considering the small display (38mm and 42mm) of the wearable device, Apple has developed the font San Francisco in order to be easily readable

According to the sources, the use of the font San Francisco will serve to upgrade, at least in part, the design of the operating systems of Apple. However, some engineers of the California-based company said they were not fans of the new font, which apparently would not do such a good impression on the Retina display.

Apple will adopt the font San Francisco on new versions of iOS and OS X? The answer will be provided shortly, in June it will be held in the long-awaited WWDC, during which Apple will unveil several innovations.


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