Apple has confirmed the excellent adoption rate of the new version of iOS available for iPhone and iPad. iOS 12 has already reached 50% of devices, based on the views made in the App Store.

Through the two graphs below Apple revealed the effective rate of adoption of iOS 12. Currently, this operating system for iPhone and iPad is present on 50% of the total devices and 53% of devices released in the last 4 years. The latter is a new data supplied directly by the Cupertino company, which only takes into account the latest devices.

In fact, in the chart on the right, devices that can not upgrade to iOS 12 are also counted. The one on the left, on the other hand, only takes into account devices released on the market from September 2014 onwards. The difference between the two graphs is mainly noted in the presence of numerous devices, which have a version prior to iOS 11.

Recall that the update to iOS 12 is recommended to everyone as it improves the performance of each iPhone or iPad. Soon iOS 12.1 will also be released, which will introduce FaceTime video calls for up to 32 participants, 70 new emojis and the ability to control the depth in photos portrayed on iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.


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