Representatives of the Californian company have already met LG Electronics and the subsidiaries of the SK Group.

Part of the team created by Apple for the realization of the Apple Car would currently be in South Korea to discuss agreements and possible partnerships with local companies such as LG and those of the SK Group .

The news comes once again from DigiTimes, according to which the Cupertino company would be interested in finding new suppliers and business partners to support the launch of the much-discussed car. The The Korea Times, taking up the same argument, adding that Apple would have already met the subsidiaries of SK Group and LG Electronics.

The business trip to South Korea, according to rumors, would be motivated by Apple’s intentions to use lithium-iron-phosphate batteries in its vehicle, which in the Central Asian country would already be mass-produced.

However, there would still be a knot to untie. Apple is looking for suppliers outside of the United States, but it would like such batteries to be produced within its own borders. Could the tech giant make a stop in South Korea to persuade suppliers to build factories in the United States? Possible.

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