According to Cybart, Apple reached this important milestone last month.

Avalon’s Neil Cybart, one of the most accurate Apple analysts in the world, says the company has passed the milestone of one billion iPhone users.

According to Cybart’s estimate, Apple passed the 1 billion iPhone user milestone last month. Thirteen years after it went on sale, the iPhone remains the most popular and best-selling smartphone:

Competitors continue to shamelessly copy iPhones or, at the very least, be heavily influenced by the Apple device. Looking ahead, Apple’s top priorities for the iPhone include finding ways to keep the device at the center of people’s lives while acknowledging the paradigm shift introduced by wearables.

These estimates do not indicate iPhone sales, but rather current active iPhone users. Cybart notes that over the past 10 years, iPhone sales appear to have stabilized and may even appear to be slightly down, but it doesn’t ignore the longer refresh cycles, customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The company estimates that Apple earns around 20-30 million new iPhone customers each year and that this will account for less than 20% of iPhone sales.

Looking ahead, Cybart estimates Apple’s iPhone sales for fiscal 2020 will be around 240 million units, surpassing the previous 2015 sales record.

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