Turkish Crime Family is a group of hackers that has targeted Apple. The company was blackmailed by asking for a ransom of $ 75,000 in Bitcoin or $ 100,000 in iTunes Gift Card.

Blackmail is very simple and the hacker group has already exchanged several emails with Apple security experts: basically said they were in possession of 300,000 violated iCloud account and that this would allow him to tamper with various iPhone remotely as well as to remove all data.

Thinking it was a bluff, it requested a demonstration that took place by uploading a video on YouTube.Subsequently, the Apple security experts, have indicated to remove the video from YouTube and refused aground and definitive way the payment of the ransom with the following statement:

Apple does not reward criminals for violating the law

On balance, it seems that the number of hijacked accounts is well below the 300,000 reported by hackers and that the reason of the breach is attributable directly to the owners of the accounts that used a too simple password rather than an Apple security bug.

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