A patent describes the possible implementation of a camera inside the Apple Watch digital crown

We have talked several times about the possible implementation of a camera for the Apple Watch , especially when we imagined the smartwatch of the future through various concepts.

In reality, things are starting to move in this direction even within the Cupertino company because patents have been filed in which Apple describes the integration of a camera inside the digital crown of the watch.

To take a photo, simply point your hand, and then the digital crown, at the subject to be immortalized and then press a button on the screen.

The system in some circumstances may be uncomfortable and above all makes selfies impossible, so Apple has gone further and has also patented a special housing that attaches to the straps and which houses the heart of the watch inside. This housing would make it easy for the user to remove and re-insert the watch from the wrist without having to disassemble the straps.

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