In order to reduce the environmental impact, Apple will now repair the rear windows of all iPhone 12 instead of replacing the entire unit. The decision was communicated by the company to the various Apple Stores and official service centers.

Until recently, if unfortunately we happened to break the rear glass of the iPhone, the procedure involved a consultation at the Genius Bar after which the smartphone was left to the company for repair and we could immediately go away with another replacement iPhone (same model and same capacity).

Lately Apple has been changing things, going to directly repair the devices brought by users instead of replacing the entire unit: it did it first for the iPhone 12 and 12 Mini but from today the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max are also added to the list .

As MacRumors reports, Apple has informed Apple Stores and authorized service centres that it is now only possible to replace the rear windows in case of damage.

In the iPhone Rear System, the kit provided by Apple, the assistance can replace the entire rear part which also includes all the components attached to the body except the cameras. This procedure can only be started if the display and camera are undamaged.

All of this, as Apple wrote in its note, is part of the efforts to reduce the environmental impact.

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