A new report reveals that the first generation of Apple’s ARV / VR headset will arrive in early 2023, followed by a second-generation model in 2024.

According to ETNews, Apple’s alleged AR / VR headset is slated to launch in early 2023, while a second-generation model with substantial upgrades will arrive in 2024.

The report reveals that suppliers are preparing to start mass production for the Apple headset in the fourth quarter of this year, ahead of the expected launch in early 2023. Initial production volume is not likely to be high.

Apple’s first AR / VR headset will feature a Sony-supplied micro-OLED display and LG Display boasting a slim, energy-efficient design, three LG Innotek 3D sensing modules, and a camera made by a Chinese supplier.

The first generation of the headset will focus on entertainment and games. Still, it will effectively serve as a test device to prepare the market for a better second-generation product, which the report says is already in development.

Additionally, the report says the second-generation AR / VR headset will arrive in 2024 and feature a lighter weight design, the ability to make calls, and LG Innotek’s ultra-high-definition cameras.

Apple aims to differentiate its augmented reality and virtual reality devices from other companies like Meta, Sony and Google with better usability, content and portability. Samsung is expected to release a competing device after observing the launch of the Apple headset and its impact on the market.

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