The Cupertino company does not throw in the towel and appeals. Is the App Store going to change? Perhaps.

The logos of Apple and Epic Games

The verdict issued by judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers in the courtroom clash between Apple and Epic Games dates back to September : the Californian giant can no longer prevent developers from redirecting users to third-party payment systems .

Well, as expected, Apple has officially filed an appeal and therefore the announced changes to the App Store could be postponed , even for years.

A judge will deal with the appeal in November. The following month (precisely December 9, 2021 ), the injunction relating to restrictions on purchasing systems should come into force .

Apple is asking the court to suspend the requirements of its injunction until the appeals filed by both Epic Games and Apple are resolved. The company understands and respects the Court’s concerns about communications between developers and consumers. Apple is working paying attention to many issues in a global landscape to improve the flow of information while protecting both the functioning of the App Store and the security and privacy of Apple customers. Striking the right balance can resolve the Court’s concerns by making the injunction (and perhaps Apple’s own appeal) superfluous.

Will Apple’s appeal be upheld? Is the App Store really destined to change forever? We will find out only in the coming months.

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