Despite the addition of a new type of much stronger glass, the display repair prices of the new iPhone models remain unchanged.

Today, Apple announced how much it will cost to repair the display on the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

As for the 12 Pro, the screen repair price is € 311.20. The price remains unchanged from last year’s 11 Pro, despite the use of a new toughened ceramic glass. However, as we all know, the budget models of the iPhone 12 line are also equipped with an OLED screen and, as a result, the display repair prices have increased by € 100 compared to the iPhone 11.

The display repair price for the iPhone 12 covered by the AppleCare + plan remains unchanged, at € 29 .

Recall that all the new models of the iPhone 12 line are equipped with the new Glass in Ceramic Shield, which according to Apple is 4 times more resistant than what we find on previous models. Despite this great addition, the cost of repairing the iPhone 12 displays remains almost unchanged compared to the iPhone 11 line.

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