The next Apple event will be held on October 27 , according to reports from  RecodeThe rumored event will almost certainly feature the new MacBook Pro . The news was in the air for a few weeks, but today comes a precise date (not yet confirmed by the company).

The last major update of the MacBook Pro line dates back to 2012. Since that time, Apple introduced the Retina display and trackpad with Force Touch, but a major update is strongly requested.

According to the latest rumors the new MacBook Pro will be thinner than those currently on the market, with a novelty: an OLED touchscreen bar located above the keyboard to perform actions quickly and that, perhaps, it could also include the Touch ID.


Recall that Apple has moved the conference on financial data from October 27 to 25, justifying it as a “programming error.” The October 26 Microsoft will present new Surface at an event so potentially that of October 27 is just the most suitable day.

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