From today, Apple has formalized the subscription to the Podcast function announced during the Spring Loaded event

Presented during the April “Spring Loaded” event, the new podcast subscription platform is now a reality.

Apple has officially enabled the ability to subscribe to podcasts through a subscription. 70% of the revenues will go directly to the creators for the first year. Starting in the second year, Appel’s withholdings will be reduced to 15% and creators will be able to continue monetizing for their audio programs on the platform.

In addition to the classic free Podcasts , by opening the application starting today, we will be able to find some programs that require a monthly fee to obtain early access to the broadcasts; or you can remove all the advertisements included in a broadcast or you can add extra content, available only for those who pay.

In addition to subscriptions, Apple Podcasts Channels have also been introduced . With channels, creators can group their programs into a dedicated page, with custom graphics. Creating your own channel is free and even free podcasts that do not require a subscription can use it.

The rollout has just begun and will take a few weeks to be visible to everyone but the news becomes official starting today.

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