The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has always anticipated the news of Apple with surgical precision over the years. Today he comes back to talk about the next iPhone with details concerning the cheapest model without an OLED screen.

Let’s take a step back. Kuo thinks that 3 iPhone will arrive in September. There will be the successor of the iPhone X, then a larger model of 6.5 “always with OLED screen and finally a third model with the 6.1-inch LCD screen.

The latter, in addition to having ideal dimensions (a perfect compromise between 5.8 “and 6.5” of the main models), will also have a lower cost. Two keys to its success. We know in fact that Apple justifies the price of iPhone X with the screen, so a return to the LCD would mean paying only $ 26 for this component.

According to Kuo, this 6.1 “model will be devoid of the 3D Touch.

Apple, in fact, will adopt a new type of screen with CGS technology that will be lighter and more impact resistant. Compared to traditional LCDs, it will cost 3 $ more and it would depend on this choice to remove the 3D Touch, keeping the costs lower.

According to Kuo this new “economic” version of the iPhone X will be a real success and will account for 65% of iPhone sales during the year.

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