The launch of the AirTags is near. They will be quite inexpensive and very very small. Here is all the new information provided by a well-known leaker

Max Weinbach has unveiled some new details on the AirTag with truly incredible accuracy: they will be slightly larger than a half dollar coin and about 3 times thicker.

The devices will therefore be really small. Thanks to the renderings that have been around for months on the net, we certainly got used to seeing them but we probably never realized how small they really were. Only 32 x 32 x 6 mm , a bit smaller even than the newly released Samsung Galaxy SmartTags.

It will be a single dimension , there will not be a larger and a smaller one as was rumored at the beginning. The other details of the leaker speak of things already known such as a circular shape, the presence of the Apple logo at the bottom and a white base at the top. Apple should also provide ways to attach AirTags to objects, and there may be a variety of accessories to do so.

The price of each AirTag should be around $ 39. Weinbach is convinced that Apple will announce the product shortly, at an event dedicated to tablets, wearables and accessories.

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