The “secrets” of Apple’s latest wireless earphones.

They have officially arrived on the market and it is right that, as usual, they are subjected to the teardown . We are talking about the AirPods 3 , whose secrets are revealed to us by 52audio, a YouTube channel with a focus on audio devices.

Starting from the earphones , they hide inside (one per earphone) a sensor whose task is to detect contact with the skin and consequently understand whether they are worn or not. Apart from this, no major news: the components are connected via FPC cable to a 0.133 Wh battery

As for the charging case (very similar to that of the AirPods Pro), the group of magnets needed in the case of a MagSafe charger stands out . Inside the case there is also a thermal pad , which prevents problems that heating while charging could cause.

Finally, the battery of the case is unique and of 345 mAh . In the case of the AirPods Pro, however, there are two cells.

In conclusion, for those interested in the “repairability score” (typical of iFixit), the AirPods 3 – like Apple’s other wireless earphones – are practically impossible to repair . They can be disassembled, not without difficulty, but not repaired. Once the battery has degraded, there is little or nothing to do.

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