Apple will reportedly release the next generation of its entry-level true wireless earbuds in a few days and a new version of its music streaming service that can play songs in higher quality.

We return to talk about AirPods 3. According to YouTuber Luke Miani, in fact, Apple will present the new generation of the popular true wireless earphones on May 18 via a press release.

For some time now, some photos of the new AirPods 3 have been circulating on the net and some counterfeit models are already available for sale . The arrival of this new product now seems certain.

But that is not all. Along with the third generation AirPods, the company led by Tim Cook will also announce ” Apple Music HiFi “, which is a version of the music streaming service that can play songs in a higher quality.

In the beta of iOS 14.6, traces of this new service have been found which will guarantee superior quality at the same price as the standard subscription.

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