The first references to iOS 15 have been found in the WebKit code. This does not tell us anything about the new functions but the concept that we show you in this article imagines many and all very interesting.

We are all waiting for the release of iOS 14.5 which will take place in April, after which in June, with the WWDC 2021, the first beta of iOS 15 will be released to developers.

Apple, of course, has already been working for several months on iOS 15 and also on the new version of macOS. By analyzing the latest update in WebKit’s open-source code, references to iOS 15 and macOS 12 were found.

Unfortunately this information does not tell us anything about the functions of the operating systems, however it is interesting to note the change that has taken place in the Mac environment. In fact, we first moved from macOS 10.15 Catalina to macOS 11 Big Sur and now we will pass to version 12. In short it seems that every year the number will be updated.

Soon we should know the date on which the WWDC 2021 will be held which unfortunately, also this year will take place as a virtual event. In the past, the date was announced well in advance: in 2017 the invitations were sent out on February 16th, in 2018, on March 13th, in 2019 on March 14th and in 2020 once again on March 13th. Before the end of April we should know all the details about WWDC21.

In the meantime, staying on the subject of iOS 15, we show you a very interesting concept created by Parker Ortolani . We hope to see some of these features in the next update.

Home screen

1. Ability to resize existing Widgets

2. The App Library included directly in the search. So just swipe down to bring up both the search box and the App Library.

3. Ability to change the order of the pages and delete them in a better way


4. Greater Privacy. If an application updates and changes the new Privacy labels, the user should be able to see them directly in the section where all the changes are indicated.


5. FaceTime is taken to the next level with the ability to share your screen with friends. Very useful for remote support functions.

It could also allow you to take screenshots remotely and schedule calls at a certain date and time.


6. Give the possibility to third-party applications to integrate within the native “Borsa” app. This way, financial news apps could show new articles within a News tab.


7. In addition to the “Recent” section, a “Favorites” section should also be introduced on the keyboard in which to save the emoji to find them easily.


8. New “Password” application. At the moment the Password section is only available within the settings, but if it becomes an app in its own right, it could offer many more features, including the ability to be used as an authenticator.

Night Stand

9. The beautiful “Night Stand” function of the Apple Watch, could also arrive on the iPhone. Basically, by charging the iPhone horizontally, a different screen may appear with the time, date and alarm as the only information.


10. The Weather application is not redesigned by iOS 7 and this year could be the right time by adopting a style similar to the small Widget to have a screen in which we view all the cities in a single glance.


11. Improvements also for the Home application, in which a new section should appear completely dedicated to HomePod to control music, alarms, Apple TV and so on. In addition, you could view the histories of all the requests we have made to Siri regarding interactions with smart objects.


12. Finally, more configurations for MagSafe accessories, including the ability to decide whether to display the animation or not.

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