Dama was a boy adopted from Ethiopia in 2007, was an orphan and had spent a year on the street before his family decided to take him . Two years ago he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma.

Now the boy’s father with regards his son’s phone : “I see it as a closed door. Apple is denying me a part of my son’s memories, the latest photos he took or conversations with friends. All because I do not know the 4 numbers of its code. ”

Leonardo also called Apple by saying that they were very nice, they made him their condolences but that the only way to unlock the iPhone is through that code.

You do not know the code?

No, the lady changed often as boys. But it gave me access to the phone via the fingerprint. Unfortunately I found that once turned off, to turn it back have to damn code, which I have not. Inside his cell are the last photographs that lady took for me are precious, are his memories. I can not accept that I have taken.

He had not made a backup?

Yes, but the last was made three months before his death. Photos and previous videos I’ve got it, but I miss the most recent ones, the last of his life.

Leonardo has also turned to the lawyers, who reported that there are probably grounds for a lawsuit. She turned to friends in various engineers geeks but no one was able to restart the phone.

But there is a privacy issue. It may be that lady did not want you to read the latest conversations?

No, I rule it out. Lady had given me access via fingerprint. I could always go to his telephone. Except that I had naively thought to reboot problem. I was there came other times. Even after the death of my son, before he went out the phone.

Leonardo will not give up and will try to retrieve that data. In the event that you were to come to a lawsuit, he claims damages and will donate everything to charity Association for Aid for Ethiopia, through which he and his wife adopted Roberto Dama in 2007.

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