1. Optical Zoom

The new iPhone 7 Plus comes with two lenses for the camera. The additional lens allows the smartphone to perform an optical zoom to distant subjects. Samsung Galaxy smartphones S7, S7 EDGE and Note 7 can take beautiful photographs, but when it comes to performing a zoom, not having a special lens, leads to having poor quality photographs with the digital zoom.

2. Better water resistance

For the first time the iPhone has acquired the certificate for water and dust resistance. Although Samsung has achieved the IP68 certification for its top of the range smartphone, after numerous tests , the iPhone 7 with IP67 has behaved much better. In particular, the removal of the headphone jack could have played a fundamental role in achieving this.

3. Performance unattainable

Samsung’s Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge and Galaxy Note 7 are among the most powerful Android phones that have ever been built. Incredibly, they still can’t touch last year’s iPhone 6s, let alone this year’s iPhone 7. In real-world use, comparing the Note 7 to Apple’s iPhone 7 was just embarrassing — Apple has done a remarkable job with its A10 Fusion chip, and with optimizing iOS for speed and performance.

4. Resistance

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 S7 and S7 Edge are excellent smartphone, made of high quality materials. Despite this, the glass body construction makes them very fragile especially compared with  aluminum used for the iPhone 7. Several crash tests have already shown how the iPhone 7 and 7plus are more resistant to any type of impact or fall.

5. Stereo Audio

Another important new feature of the new iPhone 7 are the stereo speakers. Apple decided to add a second speaker in the earpiece of the two smartphones, thus creating a stereo effect. This function is completely absent in all the Samsung’s high-end phones, making it another win for Apple’s smartphone strength.

6. Touch 3D

3D Touch is definitely a great technology that offers many possibilities to both developers and the end user. With the new Taptic Engine, the iPhone 7 can answer our gestures with a very nice feedback, similar to that seen in the new MacBook trackpad. In addition, with new gestures possible thanks to the 3D Touch, the user experience of  Apple’s smartphones improved its application and in several cases also becomes simpler, intuitive and fast.

7. Updates

This is a huge one.

When Apple releases an iOS update, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users have access to it instantly, and this will continue to be the case for many years. When Google pushes out an Android update, Galaxy S7 and Note 7 users are lucky also if they get a month or two down the road. And next year when the phones are no longer Samsung’s latest and greatest, users will have to wait even longer.

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