A new display for augmented reality specially designed for iPhone 7 is about to land on the market. Her name is Mira Prism.

If you are in that circle of people who have not yet had the opportunity to try a viewer augmented reality compatible with smartphones on the market, it’s probably because you do not find this modern, very advanced technology, but perhaps Mira Prism might change your little nibble expectations.

This accessory, unlike others, uses a special plastic visor to offer new experiences to AR. The various three-dimensional elements performed by software are reflected on it positioned in front of the iPhone slightly tilted in the viewer, showing everything in the real world through the Mira Prism.

No cables or complicated configurations will be needed: the Mira PRISM will work fully automatically by inserting the iPhone inside and starting the dedicated application. According to those who have already had the opportunity to try out the first demo, the holographic effect is really impressive with the ability also to show a spectator its AR experience.

With an SDK already released to several developers, Mira allows at present to have only run a few applications dedicated but this fall it will be coming from new.

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