As reported by the Financial Times, Microsoft would have reached an agreement to acquire SwiftKey, company that developed the popular keyboard for iOS and Android.
The deal will be made official shortly, which is around 250 million dollars for the company that has developed a keyboard alternative to the default one for iOS and Android, is currently installed on over 300 million devices with support for 89 languages.

Although Microsoft has already developed Word Flow that soon will bring on iOS, the intention of the Colossus of Redmond is to incorporate functions keyboard SwiftKey.

The development team which achieved SwiftKey will work closely with the Microsoft research team that always appreciates the results obtained with the use of neural network in place of the standard algorithms for prediction of words.

To confirm this, the words Harry Shum, head of research Microsoft: “we love the technology developed by SwiftKey and we believe that together we can cut unthinkable goals to be reached individually».

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