After seeing him in a first hands-on video , the ‘ 5se iPhone with 4-inch display
returns to appear in this new image from below at the bottom.

Although the name “5se” does not convince us too, it seems that Apple has chosen this theme
for the next iPhone with 4-inch display. As you can see from the photo below,


which is placed next to an iPhone 5, the new iPhone 5se is really very

similar to the current iPhone 6 / 6S , but the small size . At last report,
this new iPhone will be presented in April during an Apple event.
The device will come with an A8 or A9 processor, with 1 GB of RAM,
Touch second generation ID, NFC, but no 3D Touch.
The source of this image is One More Thing , very reliable since discovered
several months before submitting the design of the iPad Air and iPad Air 2.


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