According to the CEO of Catcher Technology – Allen Horng, Apple is planning to adopt a glass body for at least an iPhone due out in 2017 . The design of the iPhone will change then, as soon as the next year?

According Horng , Apple in 2017 will present at least one iPhone with glass body , primarily to propose something different than many metal smartphones on the market. Despite this, the CEO of Catcher Technology does not expect a decline in their business with Apple, in fact the Cupertino company will continue to use metal parts for the construction of some of the bodywork components.

Even the famous analyst at KGI Securities supports the possible arrival of an Apple smartphone, fitted with a body covered mainly with glass finishes and metal parts. Unfortunately, according to him, this design change will not come this year but just in 2017 .

So we have another rumor that confirms the important new features for the iPhone just in 2017 , while for this year should expect a simple retelling of the iPhone 6s. In addition to the new glass body for the next year it was rumored also an edge-to-edge OLED screen, a built-in display Touch ID with the Home button replaced by 3D Touch. For this reason, according to some rumors, it is likely that the iPhone of 2017 will be called the iPhone 8.

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