Every two years the design of the iPhone changes. We are used to seeing a new camera, a new back shell, over time, and then we also saw the introduction of two new Home, Sensors, Taptic Engine, 3D Touch and more.

In these 10 years of iPhone, however, the interior design has radically changed . In the opening image Bloomberg shows us how was an iPhone 2G (the first one) with the SIM slot at the top and a 1400 mAh standard battery, a single-core ARM11 processor at 412 MHz and 128MB of RAM. On the left, we have an iPhone 8 with an 1812 mAh battery of elongated shape to be thinner and a host of sensors and processors, 12MP camera, 256GB of storage and 2GB of RAM.

The biggest changes with regard to interior design occurred with the iPhone 4, introducing the elongated battery for the first time and leaving room for the other components on the opposite side.

Another big change will be with the iPhone X, which, being equipped with reduced frames, will definitely be undergoing other variations. Now it is no longer a long time.

Source: MacRumors

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